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I work for an established London based film production company. We're making a very commercial Feature Film and are hoping to attract some additional small investors to get involved. The film is extremely commercial and has a very well known cast attached.

With foreign currencies so strong against the GBP£ we thought this proposal might appeal to some overseas investors.

We would also be willing to offer you (or someone you nominate) a small but significant speaking role in the film.

The film industry is one of the few sectors that has seen consistent improvement and growth so is potentially very profitable and a sound investment. Cinema history has many legendary stories of the fortunes that have been made from small investments in successful independent feature films.

Investing in films can offer generous returns. The benefits extend far beyond success at the cinema box office. DVD sales, licensing to TV Broadcasters around the world, online platforms and merchandising are all revenue streams for investors and can generate returns for many years.

We are already well into pre-production so please get in touch if you are genuinely interested in being a part of this exciting project.
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