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Silent or working partner for California, USA (Whittier)
Our event company is welcoming a silent or working partner for the US, California. We would support for a business visa for the USA. We also would help with finding comfortable housing etc.
In order for you to obtain a business investor visa for the United States, you must have 1 Million US Dollars in your US bank account to show to the Immigration. We as well would help with a US business account, a car etc.
Our event company puts on diversified events of all sizes for 100 to 500,000 visitors for each event that takes place.
We have the most exciting & fun, international music & dance festivals and Intl. Trade Shows within the US now but planning to expand worldwide in the very near future.
You will be very pleased & excited with the profits, you will be making and - you will be living in our beautiful Country and in one of the most desirable place - in California - where the sun is shining 300 days a year!
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