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Attestation of documents is an unavoidable procedure in almost all international immigrations. In this present world situation, lots of people take this verification procedure for enhancing their international communication. Attestation of documents is required in every international traveling and every immigrant should aware about this before you planning to travel abroad. If your certificates attested not in a clear manner, you will definitely face consequences in your future dealings. In simple words, attestation of documents is a process of legalization to make the certificate authenticate. If your documents attested not in clear manner, your immigration will be definitely rejected in the concerned destination country. The type of certificates is the basic factor of every attestation and it will determine the mode and method of attestation. We can attest every kind of certificates in the attestation processes like educational certificates, non-educational certificates, and commercial certificates. On the basis of certificates category attestation of documents divided into three main categories.
Three main categories of attestation of documents
• Educational certificate attestation
• Non-educational certificate attestation
• Commercial certificate attestation
Attestation of documents is an act of declaring the authenticity of a certificate and which is also necessary for pursuing personal and professional opportunities. Attestation of documents helps immigrants to pursue certain international opportunities, which can be personal or professional. The immigrants will choose attestation category on the basis of their purposes, because immigrants select the required certificate on the basis of documents. The processes of attestation handled and controlled by the embassy, so the immigrants can depend destination embassy to complete their attestation process. Attestation main categories have other sub categories also, but it decided by the embassy officials on the basis of immigrants needs and wants. Attestation gives more credibility to the certificate and makes it appropriate for using everywhere in the particular destination fields like education, financial, employment and medical, etc.

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