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Hi my name is teacher James, I am 36 years old and from the UK. I have 8 years teaching experience. I studied in the US For 8 years where I received a bachelors degree for business studies and a TEFL teachers certificate.

I now currently live in Thailand where I am an English and Social studies teacher at an international school. I teach from grade 1 through to secondary students, so I am qualified to teach all ages.

I can teach from all ages, from children to adults. I have helped many adults prepare for the the TOEIC and IELTS exam as well. If you need help with an English accent from London, I can help you with that as well.

I also specialise and have experience in teaching young children English online. I use flash cards, props and games so children will have fun while learning. I think this is very important to keep children interested and engaged in the class.

I am fully confident you or your child will learn the English language quickly with me:

-I have small children and teach children English
-Beginner to fluency
-Eight years experience
-Pure English accent
-I use the best teaching materials the internet has to offer
-I'm very engaging and entertaining, I make learning fun
-I will get your child talking
-One on one lessons only
-Your child will progress with each lesson
-3.5 to 13 years old
-Your child will learn very rapidly as I am a native speaker, 
do not let you child get behind others!

I can also help you with your business English. I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Studies from Harris University in California. If you have any questions about business customs in the UK, feel free to ask me during our lessons. I have been around much of Europe and South East Asia so I am also familiar with business practices world wide.
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