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How can you NOT have this one-of-a-kind Castle home, with its tremendous ocean view and one of a kind location over the lagoon in your collection? Located in the finest residential neighborhood in America, this one is worth the trip. How much is $85million USD is equivilent to KWD? I challenge you to come see it for yourself. Former location of the famed Malibu Castle that burnt down in 2004. Adjacent to Pepperdine University.

Amazing climate. Savvey Broker who is Arab friendly. We know what territory and work like dogs for a retainer and closing fee of 1+1 only. Hire your own guide so there are no troubled waters with this one. Mature Broker who has the special assistant who is a Jamail from Houston. This housing purchase can be fund and powerful. The owner of this home can have price of having the best view and fine craftmanship in a all NEW home. Call today, or just email your interest. Must be prequalified on this one. Could be worth over 100 million in two years,
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